The Tshirt says... "Help me! I'm struggling to build this awfully complex time machine / but... why? / to avoid hitting that nail in the past / dude. you're looking for the tire.change() method. / THE XY PROBLEM"
In forums such as Stack Overflow or help desks, it says: "the XY problem is asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. That is, you are trying to solve problem X, and you think solution Y would work, but instead of asking about X when you run into trouble, you ask about Y". See more stuff here


Why it is fun: because in the illustration, Y is solving and implementing time travel, as X is changing a tire. Quite a dramatic and trivial illustration, right?

XY Problem

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  • This T-shirt is made with 100% coton, ringspun technology. It has an exceptionnaly high thickness, making it both robust and pleasant to wear. The design is manually head-transfered to the fabric via the flex technology. This T-shirt can be washed inside-out at 40°C. No tumble dryer. If you damage the printed layer by accident (or tumble dryer), iron it through a parchment paper to  smooth it again.