It says... "The Univariate Gaussian Distribution / lateral view". But you can customize it to print any usual distribution instead. The curve is computed on a 64-core HPC cluster for maximum precision, especially for the tails of the distribution.


Why it is cool: because this unique plotting method ensure to show the ENTIRE TAILS of the gaussian distribution (the whole range of X values from -Inf to +Inf) , whereas all classic plots cut the tails before the end because they reach the edge of the graph or of the sheet, so you never know how it looks at the end and you might even get a surprise (see T-shirt design N°01010).


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  • This T-shirt is made with 100% coton, ringspun technology. It has an exceptionnaly high thickness, making it both robust and pleasant to wear. The design is manually head-transfered to the fabric via the flex technology. This T-shirt can be washed inside-out at 40°C. No tumble dryer. If you damage the printed layer by accident (or tumble dryer), iron it through a parchment paper to  smooth it again.