It says: "bias baby / variance baby".


Why it is funny: because it adapts the famous "bias-variance tradeoff" to the baby universe! Bias happens when you miss the center of the bib in average; variance means dispersion of the food stains. While feeding your baby, you might object that all the stains are biased, because they miss the actual "target" (being the baby's mouth obviously), but that's only a target for the parent, right?

Error bibs

16,00 €Prix
Color: white
  • This bib is made with 100% OEKO-TEX coton, hand-sewed in our workshop. The bib closes with an orange snap (plastic). The design is manually heat-transfered to the fabric via the flex technology. This bib can be washed at 40°C. No tumble dryer. If you damage the printed layer by accident (or tumble dryer), iron it through a parchment paper to smooth it again.

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