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Tired of seeing the same old T-shirts saying stuff like "I'm significant", "I'm an outlier" or "54% of all statistics are made up"? So were we...
STATISTISHIRT® (sorry for the name by the way, since I'm French I have no idea of how it sounds for a native English speaker) fills a gap in the universe of geeky T-shirts and tries to take a leap into somewhat more subtle messages and designs. ​All the ideas and designs are original, inspired from my years in statistics (that's why some T-shirts aim at correcting bad DataScience habits). Anyway, most of them will undoubtedly trigger a feeling of incomprehension in a random person: that's actually a good thing, take it as a convenient icebreaker to tell people about your real job.
By the way, I'm a French DataScientist, aged 34, I have a wife and children (let's say, the minimum number to perform a chi-squared test on them), and I'm happy!
Here is also a link to my GitHub page : https://gitlab.com/users/agenis/projects

How about quality?

Well, I as stated just above, I'm a statistician, so I do care about scientific comparison of the material I choose. You've probably never bought a Tshirt whose raw material were choosen after a PCA (principal component analysis) procedure? It looks like this:
The supplier and model for the T-shirt were choosen after a comparison of 13 candidates on more than 10 features, coding each one as a numeric variable whenever possible. The value obtained for a feature (e.g. softness) is computed as the mean of 4 numbers: 2 people X 2 evaluations (one before and one after washing). We indeed tested our Tshirts after a washing-drying cycle, so we wouldn't get a surprise once worn by the client. We also tested the behaviour of the transfered image after washing to decide whether it was better to apply it on the new material or on the pre-washed material (because of the inevitable shrinkage).
As you saw, the way we customize the T-Shirts is entirely manual for now. As soon as the production takes off I hope I'll be able to invest in advanced machinery to automatize the product and improve the robustness (typicall resistance to tumble dryer). I know some "fire-and-forget" platforms allow you to sell T-shirts by doing nothing more than uploading some JPEG files; I chose to avoid this because it kinds of kills the soul of your work. So yes, every T-shirt is unique!

What's actually made in France?

We claim that our Tshirts are Made in France. How about that? What is made in our workshop is the preparation of the garment, transfer of the image, customized text, the logo, and all the wrapping and shipping. The transfer layer is produced in France; the garment itself is manufactured in one of 3 possible countries: either Nicaragua, Bangladesh or Haiti. The law states that the claim Made in France is legitimate when at least 45% of the value comes from France, which is the case for us. Please get in touch if you have any question about this.
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